Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lots been happening here, part 2

I can't believe our lives Mom n Dad's birthdays in January Cruise in January to Bahamas - fun Margaret's birthday in February Lili, Drew, Suzie & Micheline's birthday in March Casey's and Brillie's birthday in May LILI AND ANTHONY GOT MARRIED MAY 26! In between: Friends with new granddaughters Dr apps Doggie hair cuts Vet appts Shopping for wedding clothes Bible studies Sisters in Service fundraiser 5 pillow case dresses for Bella - walking, coloring, talking up a storm, loves her baby pool, more teeth, again Summer plans: Aerosmith concert in July-wahoo Lots of quilting n sewing Lots of Bella Lots of summer reading What I really want to do, draw these: how do you get this job? GOOGLE DOODLE Blogger won't let me upload pictures Favorites: Golden Gate Bridge 75th Ann and Charles Dickens birthday

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lots been Happen'n

Ken and I have been to NYC since the trip to Memphis, but mostly we've been enjoying Bella! I know everybody thinks their grandkids are the best, but ours is the real deal (well, so are Connor and Cassandra too)

My first rocking horse!! Is she not too cute!!

Have purse, will shop

wait for it.......

Melts my heart!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Were going to the Heartbreak Hotel

On our way to see the King, Elvis that is!!

Memphis or bust, back on Halloween!

Friday, October 7, 2011

halloween manor

Here it is minus a few lighting issues and some tweeks!!

Right bookcase

sofa table

bookcase by window

footstool by back door

left bookcase (computer)

right end table

Left intable

It really does look good, pics not doing it justice!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

One more thing

RIP Steve Jobs!

I'm back!!

So much, so much, really Lili's graduation was last blog, wow!!

Since then, uumm, finally a solution to ibs, a magic pill, that you can take up to 8 a day, I take 3 normally, really keeps it "in check". Lili has a job at a law firm in West Columbia, really has boosted her self confidence 10 fold, she's practicing for the LSAT, Bella has made many visits, getting very proficient at changing diapers, pulling things out of her mouth (6 teeth now) watching her walk (yep, she started walking along the walls at 10 months, holding hands and stepping high at 11 months, now all on her own, very well. She still loves to crab crawl. She's off bottles, baby food and pacifier, loves anything, "uuums" all the way through every bite. Drew is in his second semester at Tec, just got an A on a 250 word medical terminology test (wahoo). Margaret and Bella have moved from Margo's home to a friends home (not so good for Bella) but we just pray she stays safe and doesn't have lasting memories of the turmoil in her life right now! Julie's good, still feeding every stray cat in the neighborhood!! Suzie and Austin were here this summer, how do you keep a 14 year old computer nerd busy - Not easy!! I gave up my role as treasurer in SIS (5+ years, plenty of time in the hopper) now I'm just a regular member with memories and awards to prove bragging rights. Kenny, love that man, he's fine, keeping us all sane!! I did a little summer school this summer, learned some coping skills, mainly acceptance, good for the soul, and next week I will have a procedure done to remove some warts and female parts and pretty soon I'll be hormone normal, hopefully. Mom and Dad doing great, keep us all straight with the always warranted advice. (much of what goes in one ear and out the other by all three of us) but you have to give them "A+'s" for trying.
Today, it's transforming what is a normal home into Halloween Manor - the most fun thing to do ever!! Yesterday was a prelude to all of that when Starbucks brought in an 18inch boa/python/anaconda mix alive and presented to me on the floor in the kitchen. Immediately sprang into action 1-get flip flops on, get something heavy to drop on it (wooden chopping board) from the height of a kitchen chair (packs a mean punch) then dropped a 12 pack of pepsi on the board, an 8lb body building weight on top of that (by now 9 lbs with all the dust on it), then smothered him in pledge, all along waiting for my Daddy to get here and rescue me. Luckily he brought a shovel, chopped off the pledge covered head, loaded him up and threw him in the lake!! Yum, Yum, say the turtles. Really, Starbucks, I actually was dreadfully worried about him because all I've had is one frog this whole summer. Really bummed by his lack of interest in hunting and calculating his age, worried his days were numbered! Yea right! Off to decorate!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hot Hot Hot

It's been over 100 everyday and yesterday the heat index was 110!!! Can't do much in that stuff!! So, you watch the tv shows that you have been putting on the dvr!! Where oh Where has Million Dollar Decorators been all my life?? And next week is the season final, it just started!! Those Bravo people better bring them back!! So.... who are they...well. Ross a previous model from S Africa is my favorite assistant. He's gorgeous!! I love his hair!! His partner is mild manner and a little in the clouds but love their house!!! Love, love Martyn Lawrence Bullard! His projects are yummy and love his accent, English meets Cabo San Lucas meets Southern California. Not sure if its real or made up. Kathryn Ireland has gorgeous fabrics and love her house person who used to work for Coco Channel!! Mary McDonald is funny and her taste is perfect, but she cracked me up when she went to High Point with her gorgeous lamps. Poor girl isn't used to the Quality Inn Hotel being the high end hotel of her town!! But she suffered through!! I can watch them over and over again.

Last week a real bummer, how oh how could Casey Anthony get away with murder, cruel murder at that and her pack of lies. She better have a bullet proof vest close by.